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About Us

Our family has been in the restaurant business for a very long time. Nowadays we can proudly boast our reputation for a well known restaurant in our area.
We are famous for the fabulous authentic cuisine, professional chef and dedicated staff. Choose any dish from the menu which can help you to experience the best taste.
Our Story
1959 where It All Began

Our family has been working in the restaurant industry for a long time. Today we are the fourth generation and we can proudly boast our reputation as a famous restaurant in our area. We are famous for the fabulous authentic cuisine, the professional chef and the dedicated staff. Choose any dish from the menu that can help you try the best taste. It all began December 13, 1959, when Luigi Longobardi, who moved with his wife and his six children from Castellammare di Stabia (Na) in the city of Vigevano (Pv), the first pizzeria in the city near the beautiful Piazza Ducale, after opening and started over the years ten pizzerias as a family and with the succession of generations, we’ve expanded the level by opening pizzerias in France, Palma de Mallorca and in now in England. Now the restaurant “Il Grande” by il Capitano Angelo Viaro, comes from the desire to carry on the family tradition and create something different, which could go beyond the current standards, and this is the reason that leads us to invest a lot in research.


In the Spotlight

Awards & Recognition

I need to know the story of a food. I have to know where it comes from. I have to imagine the hands that have grown, worked and cooked what I eat.

Il Capitano Angelo Viaro with Chris Hastings, SEIFF Artistic Director, Simon Durrant, Epsom Downs Racecourse General Manager


What We Offer

Weekly Fresh Menus

Il Grande honour 100% Italian ingredients, you will taste the authentic real pizza Napoletana, delicious taste to fall in love with il Capitano authentic taste of Italy masterfully prepared to perfection great choice, our menu has a wide range of antipasti delicious pasta mouth watering pizza and fabulous fish and meat.

Fresh Ingredients

We proudly purchase our tantalizing selection straight from the market who provide us with the freshest and most sustainable ingredients which we celebrate with knowledgeable yet satisfying cooking.

Tasty Meals

 We buy our produce from local growers who exhibit a commitment to quality, organic living, and environmentally friendly farming. We constantly improve our selections to offer you the best and most delightful culinary experience possible to give our clients, the sensitive food experience ever.

Creative Chefs

Angelo Il Capitano and his staff work every day to ensure unique and delicious dishes, so that our customers can enjoy our dishes feeling at home.

Authentic Cuisine

We are an Italian restaurant and pizzeria located in Derby Square in Epsom, London and we are proud of our dedication to the quality of our menu. We also do our best to ensure and provide a unique and immersive atmosphere, offering you a level of comfort that will ensure you taste the typical dishes of our origins, revisited with a touch of modernity.

Best Roasted Coffee

We use only the best coffee blends selected exclusively for our customers, because we want every sip to be a unique and delicious experience to enjoy.