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Angelo il Capitano and his kitchen brigade, are waiting for you to offer you the intense for the pleasure of daily enjoying the best Italian dishes prepared with love and passion for you.

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The main feature of Italian cuisine is its simplicity, with many dishes composed of 4 up to 8 ingredients. Italian chefs rely on the quality of the ingredients rather than the complexity of preparation. Dishes and recipes have often been created by grandmothers rather than by chefs, which is why many recipes are suitable for home cooking.

“Il Capitano”
Angelo Viaro


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We use only the best ingredients, selected daily to ensure the genuineness of the dishes that we offer our customers daily, Angelo “Il Capitano” and his family carefully choose the ingredients necessary for the preparation of all our dishes, starting from appetizers up to dessert.

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Cooking recipes are an extremely democratic universal asset, a treasure that belongs to everyone and that like the seven notes can be combined in thousands and thousands of ways and become personal, sometimes unique.

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