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welcome to our Menu

Il Capitano and his Family honour 100% Italian ingredients, fall in love with il Grande’s authentic taste of Italy, masterfully prepared to perfection. Our menu has a wide range of antipasti, delicious pasta and fabulous fish and meat.

Fish of the Day
Ask your waiter for catch of the day
Contorni ~ Side orders ( any side’s for £ 3.00 )
Spinach, Mushrooms, Roast potatoes, Chips, Deep fried zucchini,Tomato & onion, Mixed, Rocket & parmesan

Our Antipasti – Starters

mix marinated olives

£ 3,50  

focaccia with rosemary, cherry tomato and black olives

£ 5,35  

garlic pizza bread with tomato and oregano

£ 5,35  

bruschetta (v)

Homemade bruschetta with Sicilian tomato basil and extra virgin olive oil.

£ 5,50  

zuppa del giorno

Homemade soup of the day served with homemade bread.

£ 4,50 

antipasto italiano

Selection of Italian specials.

£ 9,95  

burrata con tartufo

Creamy Bufala Mozzarella with truffle oil.

£ 7,00  

homemade bread

£ 2,25  

garlic pizza bread with cheese and oregano

£ 5,35  

cozze e patatine

Mussels with garlic, chillies and Falanchina white wine, served with a side of chips.

£ 7,50 

tricolore (v)

Avocado, mozzarella and tomato with olive oil and basil emulsion

£ 6,50  


Neapolitan Bufala mozzarella with San Marzano tomatoe.

£ 8,50 

calamari e zucchine

Deep fried squid and courgettes with mixed salad and tartar sauce.

£ 7,95  


Pan fried King prawns with garlic, chillies and Sicilian Chardonnay white wine.

£ 7,95  

(10% of service charge will be added in your bill as optional)

Our Homemade Pasta & Risotto

tagliatelle al ragù

Homemade Tagliatelle with Beef Bolognese sauce.

£ 7,95  

pennette con pollo, peperoni, funghi e pomodorini

Penne pasta with sliced chicken supreme, mushrooms, sweet peppers and cherry tomato.

£ 8,50 

reginette con filetto di manzo alla san giovese

Homemade long pasta with sliced beef fillet, chilly, red wine sauce and parmesan cheese shavings.

£ 12,95  

linguine alla polpa di granchio

Linguine Pasta with Cornish crab meat, cherry tomato, chilli and rocket.

£ 11,95  

linguine ai frutti di mare

Linguine Pasta with Cornish crab meat, cherry tomato, chilli and rocket.

£ 12,95  

spaghetti alla carbonara

Crispy Pancetta, parmesan, cheese, egg & cream sauce.

£ 7,95 

fettuccine con pancetta affumicata sarda e funghi porcini

Homemade Fettuccine pasta with crispy Pancetta, wild mushrooms, rocket & parmesan cheese shaving.

£ 9,00  

lasagne pasticciate

Traditional baked layers of fresh pasta with Beef Bolognese sauce, mozzarella cheese & fresh basil.

£ 8,50  

risotto pescatori

Risotto with mixed seafood, shell fish, cherry tomato and white wine.

£ 12,95  

(10% of service charge will be added in your bill as optional)

Our Secondi – Mains

(All mains served with vegetable of the day & roast potatoes)

suprema di pollo ai funghi, peperoni e ciliegine

Free range Chicken supreme with mushroom, sweet peppers, onions and cherry tomato.

£ 14,95  

costolette d'agnello al rosmarino

Free range Sussex Lamb cutlets with white wine and rosemary infused jus.

£ 16,95  

pollo alla milanese

Chicken breast coated in parmesan cheese & breadcrumbs served with spaghetti, touch of chilly in tomato sauce & basil.

£ 13,95  

filetto di manzo ai funghi porcini

Surrey Beef fillet with red wine and porcini mushroom sauce.

£ 21,95  

filetto di manzo alla mustard

Surrey Beef fillet with brandy and grain mustard sauce.

£ 21,00  

suprema di pollo al prosciutto e gorgonzola

Free range Chicken Supreme with Parma Ham and Gorgonzola cheese.

£ 14,95 

costolette d'agnello alla griglia

Free range Sussex grilled Lamb cutlets with Balsamic mixed leaf salad and chips.

£ 16,95 

filetto di manzo al pepe

Surrey Beef fillet with black peppercorn and red Montalbano wine sauce.

£ 21,00 

frittura del golfo

Mixed fried fish, seabass, squid, prawns served with mixed salad and tartar sauce.

£ 18,95 

(10% of service charge will be added in your bill as optional)

Ask your waiter for a list of our fresh day desserts, prepared in our kitchens.